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Postcards From:
Marrakech with Creative Director Oumayma Elboumeshouli

Meet Oumayma: The multi-hyphenated Creative Director, Stylist, Photographer and Influencer. With Moroccan-Dutch heritage and having grown up in the Netherlands, Oumayma fuses her love for fashion, travel and photography to help inspire her work.

Self shot in Marrakech, Oumayma shares with us her travel and styling expertise.

Tell us about your career beginnings and how you balance working as a multi-hyphenated creative.

I basically started sharing my outfits on different fashion forums and platforms to share details of my looks and inspiration. It started as a hobby on the side as I was still studying and working part-time in a clothing store. I always wanted to work in fashion that was for sure, so after 2 years of blogging I decided to show my work on Instagram. I managed to grow my following on Instagram fast because of my blog audience who started following me and supporting me by sharing my imagery on inspirational blogs.

With your Moroccan-Dutch background, how have your parents influenced you as a source of inspiration within your work? Are there any particular memories or stories that have inspired your career?

Absolutely, my father has been my number one inspiration on this journey, not only was he an excellent photographer and taught me about the job but also had amazing style back in the 70s. I used to get inspired by his archive photos. It always used to be a mix of traditional clothing and western clothing, I loved that combination so much that I decided to create my signature style based on that. Many know me as the girl that wears shoulder pads. That’s also something I would like to thank my father for.

What inspires your desire for travel and love for fashion?

My inspiration comes mostly from travelling. Luckily I started travelling around the world when I was young. It has brought me so much knowledge. I’ve learnt so much about other cultures and people in the past few years which has always been a source of inspiration for me. I take my outfits to the next level by matching my looks with the colours of my surroundings.

If you could best describe your personal aesthetic, how would you best define it?

I would say fearless, masculine and bold. I’ve always been a tomboy and I love to play with masculinity when it comes to creating a good look; think oversized blazers and jackets for example. I think that’s also based on the fact that I used to play football when I was young. Fashion and football have always been my passion. I love to take risks and add a feminune touch into my masculine looks.

Being a visual storyteller, travel plays an important role in so many layers of your work. Is there a particular location you find yourself drawn to that keeps you coming back for more?

I always get inspired by Marrakech somehow. I’m happy I got the opportunity to work with Shona Joy in Morocco. There is something so magical about that place. Whether it’s the light, the food, the smell, the people, the nature. Marrakech has it all. I can definitely see myself ending up there in a few years and hopefully continue to grow my personal brand.

Having such a special connection to Morocco, tell us about your experience styling pieces from our latest collection, ‘Liberté’ in Marrakech.

What I absolutely love about the pieces is that the pallets are literally a reflection of the city of Marrakech. I think that’s why we managed to create such a good editorial, everything fits perfectly in the surroundings. Also the fabrics and styles are something I enjoyed wearing. Marrakech can be quite warm so these pieces were actually perfect for that.

What is the ultimate travel itinerary for Morocco? Do you have any tips for our readers who are thinking of travelling there?

My ultimate travel itinerary for Morocco would be exactly what I did when I visited the country last month. We started our journey in Marrakech where I had my birthday celebrations with my friends and did some shopping in the Medina. Later on one of my good friends joined us and we continued our journey by visiting all the beautiful historical places in Marrakech. I highly recommend you to bring an extra suitcase with you because you will be doing a lot of shopping while there. After a few days in Marrakech we decided to rent a car and drove all the way to Ourika which is a beautiful valley outside Marrakech where we had a little rest. After Ourika we drove to Taghazout where we did a road trip all the way to Casablanca.

Share with us your 3 favourite addresses in Marrakech and Casablanca.




  • Restaurant Sqala, my favourite food restaurant in Casablanca.
  • Zyne, a shoe brand with a beautiful store in the middle of Casablanca with the most gorgeous shoes all made in Morocco in their atelier by women.
  • Le Cabestan, for drinks and a beautiful ocean view.

We’re on a journey to continue to be more responsible, between the different hats you wear in the industry, what does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability means everything to me. I started this entire fashion journey by wearing my fathers clothes and customising them. I love going to thrift shops and customising pieces. I hope I’ll inspire many others to do the same.

What are your essential pieces that always seem to make their way into your destination wardrobe?

Oversized jackets and blazers! I have many of them and will continue buying them for sure.

Finally, are there any upcoming projects you’re working on that you’d like to share with us?

Absolutely! We have just rebranded Collide which is a digital production house which I own together with my business partner Laura. We are so excited to continue our journey there and hopefully create many more beautiful campaigns for brands and give start-up brands the right push they need for a kickstart!



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